You Did Not Attract Chronic Pain

Today is the day you accept that you did not attract persistent pain.

You did not ask for it. No shame. No guilt. 

It is not karma. You did not need it to learn some huge lesson.

Take a deep breath and let it out.  Now say, “I did not cause this.”  I DID NOT CAUSE THIS!

But what you do with your pain is your choice. 

You can start by being aware of the people in your life. Who is not allowed into your inner circle? No energy vampires, deniers, complainers, accusers, disapprovers, narcissists, or belittlers.

Who is allowed into your inner circle? It is simple. Friends and family who believe your pain is real and listen from their heart.

We are all in this together with our different types of pain. We will each find the specific way that allows us to live well.

You did not cause this. 

Know this to be true.


Feel the peace within you.


Gail Sinclair, Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Nutritional Consultant, & Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher, works diligently to teach others how to Thrive with Chronic Pain™. She lives with persistent pain and refuses to let it be in charge of her life (and accepts that some days it is).

You can reach her at or at

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