Say No & Thrive with Chronic Pain

“NO is a complete sentence.”

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I read these words a few years ago. I don’t remember what I was reading but it struck something deep within me and I have pondered it ever since.

Why? Because I was a YES person for decades and my health ultimately suffered. I said yes when ill, in pain, anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed. And I usually had a smile with that yes.

I now meditate on NO. Each time I do I feel a space open. I expand. I have more room to breathe, to listen and feel for when NO is right.

I say NO and watch as it hangs in the air between the questioner and me. I witness the tension of the unspoken, “What do you mean NO?” I work hard at not filling the space with all the whys of my NO. I put NO into the airwaves and remain silent.

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To live well with chronic pain demands attention to your energy stores. I think back to how exhausting it was to explain why I could not do something. Now I just say NO.

Practice the art of NO. Let it float out between you and the one who asked. Feel the space, the tension, the questioning and let it be. Notice why you want to fill the space with more than a NO.

Let me know how you do, what you notice and if you need more ideas to hold your ground.

It is most freeing.



Gail Sinclair, Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Nutritional Consultant, & Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher, works diligently to teach others how to Thrive with Chronic Pain™. She lives with persistent pain and refuses to let it be in charge of her life (and accepts that some days it is).

You can reach her at or at

2 thoughts on “Say No & Thrive with Chronic Pain

  1. Tasha M says:

    I wouldn’t agree more Gail – sometimes NO has to be said. It’s important for us to have a balance and not push ourselves beyond what we can handle – or our bodies end up paying for it later!
    Tasha M

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