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Chronic or Persistent Pain Basics

You need Chronic or Persistent Pain Basics in your pain management tools. If you are in the midst of a flare, this becomes even more important, so I am keeping this simple. Here’s a review of many of the tools that I have posted… Continue Reading “Chronic or Persistent Pain Basics”

9 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Chronic Pain

Use this list to start the New Year and consciously reduce your pain. Trust that they work. There is a reason that you’ve probably heard most of these suggestions. Why? Because they consistently help!

Make your pain management tools list for the new year!

What tools are you using daily to help you with your pain? Because chronic pain is so taxing on your mind and body, you need to take action to reduce it. You can look up how all the items on this list help reduce… Continue Reading “Make your pain management tools list for the new year!”

Distraction is the Most Powerful Analgesic

The Number one Thing you can do for Pain Relief Distraction is the most powerful analgesic because it helps you stop catastrophizing every ache and pain. “… it appears to involve competition for attention between a highly salient sensation (pain) and consciously directed focus… Continue Reading “Distraction is the Most Powerful Analgesic”

Friendship Distracts From Chronic Pain

Last month, I got to see two of my long-time girlfriends that I have known since 1997. You know. The kind that distance and time do not matter and when you get together it is as if no time has passed. This was not… Continue Reading “Friendship Distracts From Chronic Pain”

Distraction and Chronic Pain

I read somewhere that “Distraction is the most powerful analgesic of all.” I cannot find who said it, but I want to give thanks to this idea. The Action of Distraction When I am really focused on something and especially if I am laughing,… Continue Reading “Distraction and Chronic Pain”

Flares and Chronic Pain

The recent flare was gone… As I opened my eyes this morning, I knew the recent flare was gone. The low burning and ache that is always with me was still there, but the last three day’s assault to my body and psyche had… Continue Reading “Flares and Chronic Pain”