Month: May 2020

Metaphors for Chronic Pain

I found new metaphors for my chronic pain while sitting in the Tillamook Rainforest for four days with no technology to distract me. During this period, I listened for wisdom. Vision Quest and Metaphors I wrote in my journal “Walk between the raindrops. Your… Continue Reading “Metaphors for Chronic Pain”

Chronic Pain “It Is What It Is”

I watched Jerry Seinfeld’s “23 Hours to Kill” on Netflix last night. He was speaking about phrases that he doesn’t like and the first one he said was, “It is what it is.” My husband and I started laughing because I use it when people… Continue Reading “Chronic Pain “It Is What It Is””

Coronavirus and Chronic Pain

Coming Home to the Coronavirus We came home from the beach to the Coronavirus!!! My husband and I were at the Oregon Coast for our yearly vacation in early March. The decision was made to stay off the Internet while in our room and… Continue Reading “Coronavirus and Chronic Pain”