Chronic Pain and Self-Care

If this is your season of celebration, please take a moment for your own self-care. What can you do during this potentially busy season? Self-Care list: Drink a decaffeinated cup of teaStare into space for 5-10 minutesTake a bath with the door shutListen to calming musicEat a tangerine slowlyWatch a movie that soothes and entertains … Continue reading Chronic Pain and Self-Care

Holidays and Chronic Pain

Do you have to keep doing all the holiday traditions? What is most important? Is it your family? Is it your friends?  Buying presents? Wrapping presents? Stuffing stockings? Decorating? Cooking? Cleaning? Caring for the emotional health of everyone else? Making sure that you are the Martha Stewart of the annual parties you host? Volunteering at … Continue reading Holidays and Chronic Pain