CHRONIC pain management tools can help reduce your daily symptoms

You will find easy to use pain management tools, resources, and blogs to help reduce your pain, stress and anxiety.

Within the blogs and suggested tools, you will see evidence-based information of why these tools work. The new pain science proposes that all pain happens in the brain AND all pain is real. Lorimer Moseley and David Butler are on the cutting edge with this information. Google them and watch their YouTube videos to receive a deeper understanding of what is happening within you. Here is Lorimer Moseley’s TEDx on “Why Things Hurt.”  

My Facebook page offers videos with detailed descriptions of the tools and guided relaxations and visualizations for your use.

Hypnosis to Reduce Your Pain

Hypnosis leading to relaxation.

I use hypnosis for over 50 years of migraines and trigeminal, occipital and glossopharyngeal neuralgia. It worked so well that I became a master hypnotherapist. I use this to help clients relax and this feeling often lasts for hours after our work together!!!!!

“…hypnosis interventions consistently produce significant decreases in pain associated with a variety of chronic-pain problems.” National Institute of Health

If you would like to go deeper with me in reducing your pain, go to my hypnosis services page.

Gail Sinclair, MHt, CNC is a hypnotherapist who helps those living with chronic pain go from discomfort to thriving by using hypnosis, pain management tools and resources.

She is a Master Hypnotherapist, Nutritional Consultant, and a Reiki Master Teacher. She has over 20 years in healing work and is an international award-winning speaker.

Gail lives in Portland, OR with her delightful husband, son, and cat. She can be found cooking, knitting, writing, and figuring out new ways to thrive with Trigeminal, and Occipital Neuralgia.

You can reach her at gailthriveswithchronicpain@gmail.com.