Month: July 2019

Flares and Chronic Pain

The recent flare was gone… As I opened my eyes this morning, I knew the recent flare was gone. The low burning and ache that is always with me was still there, but the last three day’s assault to my body and psyche had… Continue Reading “Flares and Chronic Pain”

I am not ill. I just have chronic pain.

“The problem with complaining about your health is that it tends to draw us to the actual experience of illness…” A complaint Free World Language is everything to me. The way I think and speak and especially the way I talk to myself about… Continue Reading “I am not ill. I just have chronic pain.”

Is Your Chronic Pain Permanent and Incurable?

Permanent and incurable

“Can you accept that your pain is permanent and incurable?” asked my Acceptance and Commitment therapist during our second session. Permanent and incurable? I felt the question in my gut. Heavy. Weighty. Dark. Sticky. As if a shadow had run across my whole being… Continue Reading “Is Your Chronic Pain Permanent and Incurable?”

You Did Not Attract Your Chronic Pain

You did not ask for this. You did not attract this. You owe no karmic debt. You simply have chronic pain. Do not add more punishment to what you are already going through or allow others to chastise you with their words. When I… Continue Reading “You Did Not Attract Your Chronic Pain”

Feelings of Danger in Me Increases Chronic Pain

Pain increases with thoughts of anxiety and fear Decrease your pain by reducing anxiety or fear. I know. Easier said than done. Find a technique that works for you like meditation/mindfulness, SIMs & DIMs process, yoga, breath work, body scans, humor, friendships and hobbies.… Continue Reading “Feelings of Danger in Me Increases Chronic Pain”