Month: February 2020

GOALS CHANGE with Chronic Pain

I used to have up to 100 goals a year and I completed them. I then created systems to work more efficiently so I could take on MORE while parenting, spending time with my husband, family, girlfriends and volunteering. I loved goals. I had… Continue Reading “GOALS CHANGE with Chronic Pain”

Does Chronic Pain Control You?

How do you Heal? Does chronic pain control you? Do you have days where the damage exists and controls your thoughts? Are you depressed about the things you can no longer do? Is thriving is so far away from where you are that you… Continue Reading “Does Chronic Pain Control You?”

I Believe in Spring

Purple and pink crocuses dot the grass. Daffodils push up through the rain-soaked earth. The daphne’s fragrance permeates the air. The next day I woke up to a light dusting of snow. Then a mighty deluge of Oregon rain for a few days. And… Continue Reading “I Believe in Spring”

Just For Today Let Other’s Words Soothe Your Pain

Look for words that uplift you If you are having a day where your thoughts keep turning to your pain, search out other’s writing that uplifts you. Sometimes just reading another point of view, can pull you into a new place and reduce your… Continue Reading “Just For Today Let Other’s Words Soothe Your Pain”