Just For Today Let Other’s Words Soothe Your Pain

Look for words that uplift you

If you are having a day where your thoughts keep turning to your pain, search out other’s writing that uplifts you. Sometimes just reading another point of view, can pull you into a new place and reduce your discomfort.

Many of you may have artificial hips, shoulders, knees and/or pins and screws in your body to make your life better. When a friend heard that I had brain surgery, which resulted in a Teflon plate and screws in my head, he wrote:

Yes, they do install things in your head, which is very weird to contemplate, and very weird to even conceive of (how did they come up with that?!), but the body is generally pretty good at acclimating to foreign materials installed inside it. It’s like a gallery space, and what we add to it is pieces of art — Teflon beads to separate nerves and blood vessels, artificial silicone knees, slender and aesthetically interesting stainless-steel screws of all shapes and sizes. So bizarre — an art installation that we can never see. Michael

Think about the art installation in your body, your own museum and be thankful that such technology exists. You are a living embodiment of those who knew there was a fix and often spent their lives finding it.

If the equipment didn’t relieve all of your pain, be grateful for the reduction and thank yourself for doing everything possible to support your body.

Just for today find words that make you feel good.


I am Gail Sinclair a Master Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Certified Nutritional Consultant who shares information on how to reduce your chronic persistent pain. I live with this discomfort and even though our pain may feel different I know what you are going through.

I mix words and magic as I write about chronic pain. I stir the souls of those who hurt and I share transformative tools to help manage your pain.

I want to share information and tools with women living with chronic pain.

Let’s refuse to let pain be in charge of our lives.

If you need help or have questions, email me at gail@thrivewithchronicpain.com or go to my Contact page.

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