Chronic Pain and Float Tanks


what is a float tank!

It is typically a soundproof and lightproof tank. No sound. No music. No interruptions. No talking. No phones. No technology. You are alone in silence.

You step into water that is heated to skin temperature (94-95 degrees F) with about 850 pounds of Epsom salts. You cannot sink no matter how heavy, injured or disabled.

Open tanks are now offered should you feel too claustrophobic to use the closed tanks and still have the benefit of isolation.


why do i float!

After many floats, I find that they help dissipate my fears of the future. My questions of will I work again? Will these explosions in my head continue? Is this really my life? Will there be a cure before I die? I am more able to stay present and move these questions to the background during a session.

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Thrive with Chronic Pain

Who Can Thrive?

After I got diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, I could not imagine how I would thrive with chronic pain. I have had so pain diagnoses over the years, that it seemed like too much to manage.

When I felt good and full of energy, I overdid it, which meant the crashes were huge. I was down even longer. There is a steadiness in my life as I watch my energy as I create achievable actions that distract me from pain.

Now with TN or the “suicide disease,” I cannot overdo. I am finding my way based on my energy. With this drastic change in my life, I must pay attention to the ebbs and flows, because I want to thrive.

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