Comparison and Chronic Pain

“How is your body these days?” I asked a good friend.

“I know it’s nothing compared to what you’re going through, but,” she said.

My Pain is Nothing Compared to Yours

Argggghhhhhh. I am so sick of hearing “it’s nothing compared to your pain” when all I want to know is how a loved one is truly doing.

I get frustrated when I know they are withholding because they think their pain is nothing when equated to mine. Stop comparing! Pain is pain. And you get to have yours.

I would tell all of the deep relationships in my life that my pain does not stand in the way of who we are. Our relationships. Stop tiptoeing around who you are. It stands in the way of our deep intimacy.

Come back to who we were and we will navigate this permanent and incurable disease of mine.

I Miss All of You

I miss you and the wholeness of you. I miss your stories. Your aches and pains. I want to hear all about you without your withholding. This causes an ache in my heart that some of what we had is lost.

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