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I live with many kinds of chronic pain. The ones that get most of my attention are the neuralgias; trigeminal, occipital and glossopharyngeal and 50+ years of migraines. I have been Master Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher for years showing others how to reduce their physical and emotional pain through distraction, deep breaths, mindfulness and learning how to relax to name a few. As a Master Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher, I am able to help you get to a place that allows you to think differently about your pain. To notice places in your body that don’t hurt when you feel like everything hurts. You can use these tools to turn your attention away from chronic daily pain. I would love to show you how. Please go to my Blog page to help you get through the day with less pain. You can contact me at if you would like some help. And know that you are not alone. Hugs! Gail

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