Words and Chronic Pain

“Never own a disease. Reduce the amount of time you talk about it. Refuse to allow illness a place in your consciousness.” RawforBeauty.com

Every time I read this it stops me in my tracks just as pain can stop me. I think about this and work on it daily in order to thrive. When my symptoms flare, it’s as if the disease is working to find a place in my consciousness.

The truth is even with all the work with my words and thoughts when my brain starts firing nerve pain, it takes root in my mind. And I start again to remove it.

I absolutely understand reducing how much time I talk about my many health issues. I’ve even found myself saying, “I’m so sick of talking about me. Please, oh please, tell me about you. What have you done for fun lately?’

One of my long-time girlfriends understands this. She lives in Las Vegas, NV and I live in Portland, OR. We have distinctly different weather so during our monthly call, we will often talk about the weather first. She allows me to ask all about her life and her daughter before our conversation turns to my health.

What expectations have you set with your loved ones, your inner circle of friends and your family about talking to you about your illness? You might want to figure this out and make changes for the new year.

Watching our words can lead to a greater reduction in pain. It’s science!


Gail Sinclair, MHt, CNC is a hypnotherapist who helps those living with chronic pain go from discomfort to thriving by using hypnosis, pain management tools and resources.

She is a Master Hypnotherapist, Nutritional Consultant, and a Reiki Master Teacher. She has over 20 years in healing work and is an international award-winning speaker.

Gail lives in Portland, OR with her delightful husband, son, and cat. She can be found cooking, knitting, writing, and figuring out new ways to thrive with Trigeminal, and Occipital Neuralgia.

You can reach her at gailthriveswithchronicpain@gmail.com.

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