Shapeshifting Relieves Chronic Pain

What? Really? How? Shapeshifting?

In mythology, fairy tales, or shamanic lore, shapeshifting is typically defined as when humans change into someone or something else. One of the most common examples in movies and books is a werewolf. If you were bitten by a werewolf, you would then transform from a man into a wolf at every full moon. Completely!

How many times a day do you shapeshift?

In order to navigate persistent pain, do you morph into a person that doesn’t exactly match how you feel? Are you parenting, partnering, working, or volunteering? What person do you present in these relationships?

Do you wake up in the morning in pain and find a way to put on the cloak of another persona?

Arnold Mindell in the Quantum Mind defines shapeshifting as “…moving between realities…how you deal with the phenomena that disturbs your attention determines the kind of life you lead.”

If pain is just an altered state, then notice how you have learned to alter your state depending on your environment. Are you sick of advocating for yourself at work? Talking about your needs and you? Do you walk into work daily and alter your thoughts to get through the day? Who are you in that moment?

“Magic is the art of changing consciousness according to Will.” (Dion Fortune)

See. You are magical. You shapeshifted into one of the “normals.” Your skills kept you from getting stuck in the frightened deeply sad aspect of each relentless flare. Shifting makes room for your rebirth over and over. You are amazing. Never forget how strong you are.

Relish in your magic and courage.


Click here for a fun read on shapeshifting by Soul and Spirit Magazine. Enjoy.

I am Gail Sinclair a Master Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Certified Nutritional Consultant who shares information on how to reduce your chronic persistent pain. I live with this discomfort and even though our pain may feel different I know what you are going through.

I mix words and magic as I write about chronic pain. I stir the souls of those who hurt and I share transformative tools to help manage your pain.

I want to share information and tools with women living with chronic pain.

Let’s refuse to let pain be in charge of our lives.

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