I Believe in Spring

Purple and pink crocuses dot the grass. Daffodils push up through the rain-soaked earth. The daphne’s fragrance permeates the air. I woke up to a light dusting of snow. Then a mighty deluge of Oregon rain for a few days. And yesterday the sun popped out. This all happened in one week. Barometric pressure changes … Continue reading I Believe in Spring

Chronic Pain and Self-Care

If this is your season of celebration, please take a moment for your own self-care. What can you do during this potentially busy season? Self-Care list: Drink a decaffeinated cup of teaStare into space for 5-10 minutesTake a bath with the door shutListen to calming musicEat a tangerine slowlyWatch a movie that soothes and entertains … Continue reading Chronic Pain and Self-Care